Vivienne Morris - Biography

by Kostas Nikolopoulos, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Greek News Paper NEOS KOSMOS

Vivienne Morris PhotoVivienne Morris is among Australia’s most accomplished Greek-Australian journalists, highly respected by her peers and celebrated by the Greek Community  of Australia. She has dedicated more than 30 years of her creative life to journalism and she is rightly counted among the doyens of bi-lingual journalism. Her intellectual prowess, probing mind,  strong personality, excellent knowledge of the Greek language, her work ethic and professional integrity have insured her many accolades, the highest of them being the respect of her readers. Her broad knowledge of the issues concerning the Greek community of Australia and her sensitivity to the needs of every generation of Greek Australians have transformed her  to a vociferous advocate for the rights and interests of all Greek-Australians.

Vivienne enjoys, also, the enviable title of the “pioneer” of Greek-Australian female journalism, for she is the first woman journalist who managed to penetrate the male dominated Greek-Australian Media and establish herself as equal.

Vivienne’s other great passion is Greek culture. She lives and breathes culture and she never apologises for that. Since her arrival to Australia she has established cultural events and activities that have promoted the Greek culture and traditions in the wider community and have enhanced the multicultural nature of our society.

She was born in Mytilene of Lesvos where she completed her High Scholl studies. She continued her studies  at Melbourne University and completed with distinction a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Classical Studies and Modern Greek. For her high academic achievements she was awarded the Vrahna Memorial Award for Excellence in Modern Greek.
She has taught the Greek language at all levels to native and non native Greek speakers and became the Founder and Executive Director of the Australian Hellenic Centre of Education (Open University).

Listing Vivienne’s contribution to the Greek Community, in its totality, will require many volumes. It will be remiss, however, not to highlight some of her major achievements and her outstanding contributions to committees and bodies she became a member of and dedicated her time, knowledge and skills:

  • Committee for teaching of Ethnic Languages in Australian Schools
  • Founding member of Australian Greek Lyceum of Melbourne
  • Co- founder, president and honorary president (today) of the Australian Greek Cultural Association of Melbourne and Victoria “Pnevmatiki Estia”
  • Cultural director of Greek Festival of Melbourne
  • Founding member of the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Committee member of the Citizens Committee for Melbourne Thessaloniki sister cities relationship
  • President of the Greek Australian Professionals’ Association
  • President of the Australian Greek Cultural League
  • Founder and executive director of the Australian Hellenic Centre of Education (Open University)
  • President of the Hellenic Media Association (Oceania Region)
  • Founder of the Cultural Connections – realising a dream of many years to bring the Hellenic and other cultures together. ‘Child’ of this endeavour was a unique event “The embrace of two Cultures,”the Greek and Italian in 2005.
  • Curator of various exhibitions – amongst the most successful “The Golden Hands Exhibition” in the Melbourne Museum in 1992.

She is a recipient of   the Hellenic Award for her contribution to Journalism. Also, in 2007 she received the Victorian Government Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs (in Journalism). Thankfully Vivienne remains loyal to journalism and continues to serve the Greek Community of Australia with undiminished professional integrity and responsibility. Vivienne Morris is the role model for every member of our society aspiring to a career in journalism.